Meteorological Research and Education Organization

Application for MEREO Volunteer

Thank you for taking the time to Apply to be a MEREO Volunteer. We are always in need of people helping out in many parts. Below is your application. Please fill it out 100%, and then hit submit. The application will then be hand processed, and an e-mail will be sent to you updating your status on MEREO. Thank you again, and good luck. This application is for all positions except the Research Teams. Please click here for the Research team applications.

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Terms and Conditions~

By Accepting the Terms and conditions you agree to not hold MEREO, or any of the MEREO Staff at fault for personal Injuries, Deaths, Property Damage, or Property Loss. Storm Research is dangerous. MEREO or MEREO Staff will not replace any lost or stolen equipment, or personal items. MEREO or MEREO Staff is not to be held responsible or liable for any injuries, or deaths while any work for MEREO is being conducted. MEREO or MEREO Staff is also not required to pay any form of Compensation for your time. Any and all compensation that MEREO or MEREO Staff may give is a Gift to you, and is not a required by the Company. By Clicking Yes, you Agree to these terms.