Disaster Education & Preparedness


Meteorological Research and Education Organization

Neighborhood Net Community Coalition

These organizations have partnered together to create the Community Coalition in El Paso County. These organizations work together to host and operate the Neighborhood Net. In this section you will find the organization and its spokesperson information.


Christopher Schroeder
MEREO is a 501c3 Organization Dedicated to the research and education on all hazards of disasters. This is a Volunteer organization with teams from around the United States.

El Paso County CERT

Robin Adair
Community Emergency Response Team
is a volunteer program utilized around the world. CERT provides education to the community to help members prepare for a disaster in their neighborhoods. 

El Paso County SCU

El Paso County ECC
Special Communications Unit is a volunteer unit within the regional ECC. These volunteers are Ham Radio Licensed to assist in the county and regional branches during a disaster