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Meteorological Research and Education Organization

What is the Neighborhood Net?

El Paso County is nearing its fire season, and in order to be prepared MEREO, and El Paso County Organizations, are all partnering together to create a network of ham radio operators to provide details to the community during disasters, and severe weather. This network of ham radio operators will be used in addition to ARES, RACES, and other emergency radio organizations, not a replacement.

The weekly net will meet first on 146.910 with a Negative Offset and a 151.4 hz tone. Then the net will move to the 147.135 with a positive offset and a 100 Hz tone. This net will be held every Saturday at 10 AM beginning on the 910 Repeater and move to the 135 Repeater around 10:30 am. During this that we will be providing information in regards to, the fire weather outlook for the week, and a weekly severe weather outlook provided by MEREO. We encourage everyone to join us on our neighborhood net this Saturday to help prove the concept for a neighborhood communication platform.

In the event of a disaster, the members of the neighborhood net will link together, allowing timely information to flow from the County ECC to the neighborhood community. This system will utilize a tree layout. In the trunk of this tree layout, will sit the community coalition. This coalition is comprised of the four previously mentioned organizations dedicated to providing efficient and vital communications to the neighboring communities. The major branches on this tree will be the neighborhood control operators. These operators will be ham radio operators, a CERT volunteer, and will have ICS 100 and 700 training. The neighborhood control operators will talk directly to the community coalition during times of disasters, and emergencies. This brings us to our small branches of our tree. These small branches are ham radio operators that provide information from the neighborhood control operators to their neighbors who are not him radio licensed.

During a disaster this neighborhood net will utilize two-way communication. The first way of communication will be from the coalition to the communities in El Paso County. With a disaster such as Waldo Canyon, only the communities affected will be utilizing the neighborhood net. This net will provide a contingency to transfer vital information from the ECC to the communities that need it. The second way of communication is for the communities to have a second form of communication for emergency assistance and general information gathering.